October 22, 2017

Alright guys?


Today’s blog is about one of my new obsessions, juicing! Are you on the juicing train already? If you are, this is probably going to be preaching to the choir. If you’re not, I want to set out my case for why you should be!


I got into juicing for the same reason everyone does–it’s so convenient. I mean, who doesn’t like the idea of getting 3 servings of fruit and veg from one glass? I started out buying bottled cold-press juice at Whole Foods, but the costs started to add up pretty quickly. So, I quickly moved on to buying an actual juicer and raiding the bulk produce section — yes, before worrying about whether juicing steps are easy or not, you have to first buy a good quality juicer.

Now, I chop a week’s worth of veggies on Sunday, keep them in bins in the fridge, and then juice them for 5 minutes every day. How easy is that? I think it’s probably the least work you can do per serving, even if you were to physically chew through a big sack of carrots every week.

What drew me in was the fact that I could get home from a busy day working and within 5 minutes be drinking enough vitamins and other nutrients to totally recover from it, without having to make some fancy salad or be bothered with chewing. 


Like a lot of nutrition fads, I was initially fairly skeptical about whether juicing was actually any better for you than eating. In reading the science, I was definitely reassured. CNET has a great article about how juicing breaks down the cell walls of produce, which essentially “opens” up the nutrients to the enzymes in your digestive tract. It doesn’t add any nutrients to your food, but what it does is make them more easily available, so that you end up absorbing more of them than you would by eating normally.


There’s one big point which you should definitely do research on and exercise skepticism, which is the juice cleanse fad. Basically every serious scientist agrees that juice cleanses are bogus–any cleanse is bogus, to be honest. If you know anything about anatomy, you know that we have not one but three whole organs specifically devoted to “detoxing” our bodies, and the truth is that they actually work really well! Juicing can’t cleanse anything by itself. What you’re doing by adding juice to your diet is supercharging the cleansing system your body already has–so it doesn’t make sense to then cut out another important fuel like protein or wheat.


You also really ought to keep eating fruits and vegetables normally, because your body has evolved to process those foods, fiber and all! There are actually some bad consequences when you don’t give your gut enzymes enough digesting tasks to do, so don’t cut out whole fruits and vegetables completely! I should stress that you’re not having a bad effect on gut enzymes by having a glass or even two glasses of juice in a day. More often than not, people compromise them by eating lots of processed flours and sugars, so it’s a larger issue that juice is only a small portion of!


There’s also a worry you’ll probably read about online that juice is packed with sugars, so it’s actually not that great to have in your diet. Yes, and no! Fruit juice has lots of sugar, but veggie juices don’t! And as long as you leave fiber in your juice, you can really cut down on the sugar content relative to the size of the glass.


My two cents:


what can juicing do for you?


it’s a convenient way for busy people to supplement diets and get up to the magic 10 servings a day!


it’s a supplement, not a substitute!


It’s not necessarily better to juice things, but if you’re not going to be eating them in the first place, then it doesn’t really matter if you’re taking a shortcut, as long as you’re getting the nutrients in the end! It all goes down the same hole, as my grandpa used to say.


I find that it’s also a way to get things you don’t normally eat because of taste or texture into your diet. Similarly, I’ve found that if I buy the discounted produce that has weird spots or has gone a bit past prime, I can get juice even cheaper, and I don’t notice that the texture is a bit funny or whatever the problem is.


Is it better to eat all that produce whole and raw? Sure! Do most of us have the time to actually chow through 10 cups of produce in a day? Not likely. Even I struggle to do that some days, which is why I find that juicing helps me rest easy. I know that even if I’m missing a serving or two, I can make them up in a glass.

So, I would say that if you’re having trouble plugging the gaps between your fruit and vegetable servings more than one or two days a week, using a juicer to fill in can be a really time-efficient and easy way to go. It’s the only way a lot of us busy people are going to make up the distance between how we’re actually eating, and how we want to be eating.


Are you going to see miracles? Probably not. But I can personally testify that a glass of fresh juice is as invigorating as anything else you can buy. It’s a great way to begin or to end the day, since you’re getting such a rush of nutrition. It’s a must to visit this page if you’re looking for complete information on different juicing machine brands and models. For professional grade juicers, check out http://bestjuicerreviews.xyz/commercial-professional-grade-bar-machines.


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